Shhhh.... "The Leap Car" is Sleeping

I took delivery of my ActiveE, which I've named "The Leap Car" for obvious reasons" earlier today here in southern Connecticut. It's rainy and 38 degrees today. She's now resting quietly in the garage. 


"The Leap Car" Arrives in Connecticut....

My ActiveE arrived this afternoon to the dealership. I will take delivery myself tomorrow, February 29. Therefore, from this point forward, I'll be calling my ActiveE "The Leap Car." Needless to say that it will be impossible for me to forget exactly when my 24-month lease will be over. Thanks again to the other folks at BMW of Bridgeport for joining in my excitement. 


It has Begun....

My ActiveE will be delivered to Connecticut on March 25. Stay tuned.


Welcome to the Blog: Dave's BMW ActiveE

Thank you for checking out my blog dedicated to the new BMW ActiveE electric car. In anticipation of submitting an application for a two-year lease of this test vehicle (only 700 of which are being made available in limited U.S. markets in December 2011), I am in the process of upgrading my home's electrical system and installing an EVSE in my garage to "fuel" an electric vehicle. Recently, I even sold a car to make extra space available in the garage. As you can see, I am all in and will be crushed if I am not selected to be an "Electronaut" (i.e., what BMW is calling the first drivers of the ActiveE).

In this blog, I will chronicle the process of preparation, application, and lease-ownership of the 2012 BMW ActiveE. In future posts I will discuss the installation of the EVSE in my garage, the related costs of preparing for electric car ownership, the interactions I have with BMW during the application process, and finally the driving and ownership experience of the car itself. I plan to post details regarding changes in my electric and insurance bills, as well as the driving range I am able to achieve on various trips in various weather conditions. I will also utilize the blog to connect with other Electronauts and provide relevant links intended to help readers who may be interested in purchasing an electric vehicle in the near future. If you have any questions, please feel to leave comments.